Tax Law

As far as Tax law is concerned, our Firm has developed a wide and significant experience in the judicial and extrajudicial fields.

The Firm is able to offer legal services suitable for every need.

The Firm cooperates with the International KPMG Firm on more complex matters.


As far as bankruptcy is concerned, the firm supports its clients (who own credit positions) from bankruptcy application to the end of the procedure.

The firm also supports customers in debt restructuring, undebting, preliminary and/or bankruptcy agreements etc.


Banking law

As far as Banking / Financial Law is concerned, the Firm offers a wide range of support and consulting services.

Particularly important are the consultancy and assistance relating to usury rates and bank compounding.

Corporate consultancy


The Firm provides consultancy and assistance on the formalities required to establish companies, joint ventures, consortia and temporary joint ventures, on the negotiation and drafting of shareholder agreements as well as other agreements with and between shareholders and, finally, on every aspect of corporate life, through drafting and negotiation of charters and contracts and shareholders and managers support.

The Firm works on corporate mergers, divisions and acquisition, even through transfer of shares, companies, business units and corporate assets, thus coordinating the due diligence activities in such contexts and assisting Customers on the operation's tax and financial aspects by negotiating and preparing the related contractual documentation.

In this context, our Firm works in a a multidisciplinary way in corporate, tax, banking, financial, commercial and labour law with regard to the specific aspects covered.

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