Studio Legale Masile Albai

As far as labour law is concerned, the Law Firm, with specific reference to companies of different productive sectors, is able to provide adequate assistance in consulting, both general and on field-specific issues, by offering, where necessary, targeted assistance aimed at planning and implementing the managerial and regulatory interventions most suitable for corporate needs.

The Law Firm provides proper assistance on company acquisitions, restructuring, privatization of bodies with conversion of labour relations from public to ordinary regime, opening and closing of companies with strong labour involvement, industrial relations with trade union representatives at all levels and, finally, on judicial activities in favour of public entities (economic or not) and private companies in any field, including transnational ones.


Studio Legale Masile Albai

Our Firm also provides:

a. Assistance on M&A operations: legal due diligence, trade union consultation procedures on sales / transfers of business divisions and mergers with automatic transfer of labour relationships

b. Assistance on social security applications (which can have an impact on future operating costs and the possibility to access social security benefits).

c . Assistance in the choice of the NCBA of reference.

d. Assistance in the drafting of individual employment contracts for employees, managers, executives and consultants, with particular reference to confidentiality and "no-competition" aspects even after the employment's termination.

e.Assistance in contractual agreements related to the sale of intellectual property and personality rights of the company's collaborators (whether employees or independent).

f.  Assistance in negotiations on collective agreements.

g. Assistance and individual and collective representation on workers' suspension and layoff.

h. Assistance and representation in arbitration procedures related to workers and managers.

i. Assistance in mandatory recruitment of subjects belonging to protected categories ..

l. Assistance on pension law and Pension Fund regulations.

The Lawyers Masile & Albai, thanks to their expertise in all immigration-related issues, are able to assist Italian and foreign companies on recruitment, transfer and family reunification procedures of non-EU workers within the EU.

With regard to labour law litigations, our Firm assists its clients before the Courts and the ordinary and administrative inferior and appeal Courts, as well as before the conciliation and arbitration Colleges.

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