Studio Legale Masile Albai

The Firm offers consulting and support in favour of companies and individuals (managers, directors and corporare employees) on the so-called white-collar crimes and represents its clients in every relevant type of criminal proceeding (regarding, for example, corporate, bankruptcy and environmental crimes, crimes against health and safety at work, crimes against industry, trade and food protection, fraud and, more generally, crimes against property, including money laundering, corruption, malfeasance and crimes against the Public Administration in general, forgeries, computer crimes etc.).

The Firm also providesconsulting on medical liability, privacy and defamation.

The Firm also supports customers who are victims of crime thanks to its considerable experience in charges to be pressed to those authorities specialising in specific crimes.

The Firm also supports its customers while bringing a civil action and in the overall assistance of crime victims.

Furthermore, the Firmprovides supportin the so-called defense investigations phase, which it directly carries out on both suspects and victims of crime.

When needed, it also cooperates with experts and investigators acting under the close coordination of the Firm's professionals.



Studio Legale Masile Albai

The Firm has specific expertise in the field of corporate, tax and bankruptcy Criminal law.


The Firm also hasa specific experience in Criminal Law in heathcare sector.

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